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I use two APPs BeOrg and Drafts as Org’s extension on my iOS device. Oh, almost foget it. Another one: dropbox. Beorg and Drafts stores the captures of ideas into dropbox. I retrive them when I am home on Windows 10 using my Surface Pro.

The relationship among all the APPs I mentioned above is like

Figure 1: My using of Org mode through mobile device

Figure 1: My using of Org mode through mobile device

Actually, I also tried another APP named MobileOrg, but dislike it because of its inflexibility ,boring GUI and hard-to-config. The combination of Beorg and Drafts works well for me with their playing each’s own role.

1 BeOrg

Using BeOrg, I only capture a TODO. I leave capturing a note to Drafts which is good at notes.

One screenshot of Beorg is shown as:

The green button is used to add a todo capture. As you can see, Beorg can also read the todos from your iOS calendar (I am sorry for whom cannot read Chinese. That item in Chinese comes from iOS calendar reminding me to pick up the magazines and newspaper).

By default, Beorg display the week agenda. The TODO states are also can be customized. I set the file synchronization method as dropbox and set the org directory which is shared with Drafts and my windows. So I can keep the org files consistent.

Beorg also has an option for quick capture. Naturally, I also set it as the inbox of my Org mode on Drafts and Windows. You can also control the vivibility of your iOS calendars, i.e. which part shoule be integrated into BeOrg agenda view, the family? personal? work? You name it, as you wish.

2 Drafts

Drafts is the most efficient tool for taking a note. All you need is to focus on writing. Furthermore, you can even export your notes to way many other APPs such as evernote, markdown, oneDrive, google drive and so on. There are tons of commands available on the action directory of Drafts.

Combined with dropbox, I config several commands of my own. One screenshot is like:

Take my command Drafts TODO BeOrg for example, the step is append files on Dropbox and the content is shown as:

 * TODO  [[title]]
SCHEDULED: <[[created|%Y-%m-%d %a]]>

Notice that, I set the format of creating timestamp the same as Emacs Org so that Emacs Org can follow the todo from Drafts.

Of course, you can define your own command in Drafts just read the document.

3 Dropbox

The configuration of Dropbox is easy. All you have todo is to put the org files in a directory where Beorg, Drafts and Windows knows.


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